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UPR Products was started in 1989 by long time Ford drag racer Mark Mainiero and his son Joe. Together with their employees Jeremy Martorella and Bart Tobener they amassed more racing victories and records than any other shop. Probably their greatest achievement was building the first 8 second True Street and undefeated 3 time World Ford Challenge winner 95 GT Mustang driven by Willie Figueroa.

In 1998 Joe saw a need for a company that truly understood the Mustang racer’s suspension needs. His goal was to offer the strongest, lightest and best-working parts at an affordable price. He made customer service his highest priority and initiated an unconditional guarantee policy. A firm believer in the “keep it simple” philosophy Joe made sure all his components could be easily installed and adjusted.

UPR Products

UPR Products is dedicated to customer service and has a strong commitment to quality.

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